Colorful Egg Scramble

A Simple And Healthy Breakfast

Made in less than 10 minutes and packed with clean, whole, and nourishing ingredients

This quick and easy breakfast is sure to get your morning started off right. It contains a great balance of healthy fats, protein, and colorful carbohydrates.

If you would have told me a few years ago that I would wake up craving vegetables first thing in the morning, I would have looked at you like you like you were nuts.

Now don't get me wrong, I have always really liked vegetables but I did not eat them for breakfast. I preferred to reserve my vegetable consumption for much later in the day after I had my coffee. Now I eat vegetables with my coffee and wonder why on earth it took me so long to try it!!

Here is an easy way to incorporate some colorful vegetables into your breakfast. I call it my Colorful Egg Scramble (super creative, yes, I know) and it is packed with clean, whole, and nourishing ingredients. It also contains a great balance of healthy fats, protein, and colorful carbohydrates so it helps you 'break the fast' in a very nutrient dense way.

One of my favorite things about this breakfast is that it is very simple to throw together even on the busiest of mornings. I actually broke out the stopwatch today and it only took me 7 minutes to prepare from start to finish. 

Give it a try and see how it nourishes you!! You just might start liking vegetables with your coffee too. 

This short video breaks it down for you. Check it out! 

A PDF of this recipe is available to download in my Resource Library. To get access, simply click here.