Workout Music Motivation: Finding Your Inner Warrior

I love battle music. My cycle friends know just how much I like battle music because it often shows up on my class playlists at very strategic times - at the precise points when I want my riders to dig deep and push hard.

I recently came to the conclusion that the reason I like it so much is because I have always felt like a fighter. A fighter in my own personal war. The war I have always waged has been a war deep within myself. Against the dysfunction I used to create around food. Against all of my doubts and insecurities. Against all the things society and culture have taught me I am supposed to be in order to be enough.

But when I listen to powerful music, like the song I am about to share with you, I feel something within me shift. I feel strong. I feel powerful. And I feel like I warrior. A warrior on a mission to find my truth and to speak my truth. A warrior that stands up against my doubts and insecurities. A warrior that never gives up and still has so much fight to give.

You are a warrior too. How do I know? Because you are here. Reading this. Your mind can be your biggest source of support but it can also be your worst enemy. Decide today to use the dialogue in your mind to support you. Decide today that you are ready to rise up. Decide today that you are willing to show yourself just how strong you are.

I used this song on my ride last week at the end of a long, powerful climb. Drop it into your workout playlist at a point where you are ready to amp up the intensity and push hard!  

Song:  Archangel

Artist:  Thomas Bergersen

Album:  Two Steps from Hell

The song is about 2 ½ minutes and it really starts to build around 1:11. As the emotion in the song grows, feel that fight within you grow too. Tell yourself that you are stronger than you know and more powerful than you realize. Tell yourself that as your legs and lungs fight, you fight too.  

Because the way I see it is that we have a choice. We can succumb to our doubts, our insecurities, and our fears. OR we can fight. This song is about fighting. As you fight in your mind, fight with your body too. Go as BIG as you can for the last 60 seconds.   

Now go put this on your workout playlist for this week and tell me about your experience. Let me know if you felt stronger and if this strategy helped you work on the dialogue in your mind!