My signature coaching programs are built on the following four pillars to help you make long lasting health changes:

I will help you find the foods that best fuel your body and result in natural and long-lasting weight loss.


You are an individual. What fuels your unique body may or may not be the same as what fuels your best friend's unique body. You will learn to become aware of your body's messages and figure out the foods that make you feel your best. We will work together to add in foods that support your health while naturally crowding out the foods that don't support your health.

There is no one size fits all diet. Nutrition requirements are as unique and individual as YOU are.


Understanding and Redefining your Relationship with Food

It's not just about what we eat. It goes so much deeper and we are nourished by much more than the food on our plate. And often we use food as a coping mechanism or as a substitute for areas of our lives that we don't even realize are out of balance. You will delve deeper into how and why you eat and work to find what you are truly hungry for. You will also learn how to embrace the struggle around food and allow it to teach you and guide you. Within the struggle lies the answer. It is the key to unlocking your best self.  

Learning to love yourself will have a direct impact on your weight and will help you achieve your weight loss goals naturally and without dieting or deprivation. 

Restoring a Connection with Yourself

Often we've written stories for ourselves that are filled with limiting beliefs and are not in line with who we truly are and don't move us toward the best version of ourselves. You will work to get really clear on your stories and challenge their truth. You will work to embrace the understanding that you are enough just as you are and that everything you need you already have - within you - right now.

Most of us understand this on some level but struggle to put it into practice because we get caught up in the dialogue with the inner critic we all have in our heads! I believe that something truly magical happens when we restore a connection with ourselves and learn to trust our own wisdom and our own body: we grow, we transform, and we blossom. 

Prioritizing your self-care and learning to balance your needs with all of your obligations will support your journey to naturally lose weight.

Prioritizing Self-Care

We will also work to prioritize your self-care. Most women put everyone else’s needs ahead of their own and consequently wind up feeling drained and overwhelmed.

You will work to revolutionize how you view self-care and learn to balance your needs with the needs of all the other important people in your life.

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