Take control of your weight, health, and wellness.

Lose weight and feel great! I will help you end overeating and take control of your weight, health, and wellness.

I offer individualized health and wellness coaching services either in person or virtually. Together, we will find the food and lifestyle choices that make your unique body thrive.  

As your health coach, I will personally and carefully guide you to make small, simple diet and lifestyle changes that result in transformation. 

Single Sessions

Strategy Session

A free 15-20 minute discussion of your health and wellness goals.

Initial Consultation

All programs begin with an initial consultation. In this session, we will have a detailed discussion reviewing your health history and explore your current eating and lifestyle habits. We will discuss what is working and what isn't working as well as what you've imagined for your life. Together we will create a course of action that will best support you in achieving your goals.

Single Session

Single sessions are available for anyone who has completed a program and would like some additional support to stay on track. They are also great for anyone on a health journey looking for motivation, support, recipe ideas, and/or mindset shift tips and tricks.  

Health Coaching Programs

Making Peace with the Pantry Fundamentals

  • A six session coaching package with a primary focus on nutrition.

  • You will work to lay the foundation of eating habits that support a healthy relationship with food.

  • Together we will decipher your body's unique needs and find the foods that make you feel energized and satisfied WITHOUT dieting or restricting.

Making Peace with the Pantry Intensive

  • A twelve session comprehensive coaching package.

  • We will begin with a focus on nutrition but take things much deeper by addressing all areas of your well-being (including physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness).

  • You will work to create positive lifestyle changes and lifelong wellness habits.

Health Coaching Programs Include

  • 50 minute sessions (which can be done via phone or virtually if you are not local).

  • Simple healthy recipes.

  • Email/text support between sessions.

  • A takeaway after each session to help you implement what you learn in a fun and empowering way.

  • A variety of tools, resources, information, and inspiration to support you to take control of your health and transform your relationship with food.

Each client is unique and all programs will be tailored to meet your specific needs and desires. You will set goals and make lasting and sustainable changes that will help you drop the dysfunction around food and move you toward becoming the best version of YOU.

If you are interested in working together, contact me today to set up a free strategy session. Let's get the conversation started!