Healthy employees are happier and more productive.

Nutrition Education Workshops offered to businesses in the tri-state area of Maryland and Washington DC.

Eat Well, Work Better!

Improve the health of your staff with this 3-part wellness workshop series.

Each workshop will provide education, tools, and resources to simplify nutrition and help your staff begin to navigate the world of conflicting health advice in a fun and empowering way.

This series will encourage and support your employees to start making the diet and lifestyle choices that will result in creating lifelong wellness habits.

Workshop Descriptions*

Workshop #1: Nutrition Simplified

Explore the basics of whole, real food and why it is the foundation of good health and nutrition.

Workshop #2: Has Sugar Hijacked Your Brain Chemistry?

Explore the impact of sugar on brain chemistry and why the concept of self-control and willpower is a myth. Will provide strategies to help people decrease sugar consumption, experience fewer cravings, and take control without deprivation.

Workshop #3: Blood Sugar and the Balanced Plate

Blood sugar regulation is often associated with people who are diabetic. However, unbalanced blood sugar often drives overeating and unhealthy choices in all of us. We will discuss the blood sugar problem and how it can be avoided by creating a balanced plate (through proper macronutrient proportions) at each meal. Your employees will also begin to uncover their own personalized “food road-map” structured around blood sugar regulation.

*Workshops can be customized to meet the unique health and wellness needs of your staff.

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