An Empowering Mantra For Your Next Workout

Train Your Brain While You Train Your Body

Comin' at ya with a little workout motivation and inspiration for you on this Monday morning straight from the mind-body cues that I incorporated into my cycle class this morning. My goal is to help you train your brain to lift you up while you are simultaneously engaging your body in physical movement. Making it a two for one kind of deal. Double win!!  

The next time you are working out and get to a place where you are starting to struggle a little bit and work hard (that place that is challenging, uncomfortable, and you start to breathe heavy), I want you to remind yourself of this:    

So often we sell ourselves short. We are taught to settle. To play it safe. To stay comfortable. We waste time arguing for our limitations. We look to others to believe in us but don't believe in ourselves.

Challenge yourself to think about it differently. The only limitations we have are those we create in our mind. Challenge yourself to go beyond your perceived limits whatever they are for you.

And when you do it, when you push yourself to operate outside of what is comfortable and safe, let this be your mantra...

"I am so much stronger than I know and so much more powerful than I believe."

Train your brain while you train your body with this empowering fitness mantra. Use it in your next workout for some workout inspiration and motivation.